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place would be vaguely bearable if it weren't for the students - with

In light of the last four months of my existence at the sniversity,
I'll take ALL your students in exchange for the three managers I now
have to work for.

Amen. Having experienced both students and managers, it's my experience
that students are far more likely to be willing to work and to learn.

As a marvelous example of just how stupid a manager can be, our CIO
finally convened an "all-hands" meeting the other day for the first time
in over a year (after originally claiming he would try to hold them once
a quarter). He started out by saying something along the lines of "I
think it would be nice to look back over how things have improved in the
past three years," and then -- I swear I am not making this up -- spent
at least a minute reciting a comparision of statistics from three years
ago and the current year for the sniveristy's football team. This was
not even followed by any attempt to say anything relevant to the
sniversity's mission or our jobs. I have started calling these meetings
"no-hands" meetings as they are the management equivalent of shouting
"Look ma, no hands!"

Oh, and our immediate supervisor sprung on us Tuesday that we would be
getting performance evaluations -- normally performed in the spring in
advance of the usual July 1 contract renewals -- in the next couple of
weeks. Among the set of questions she wanted us all to answer to
contribute to this process (in what looks like a blatant attempt on her
part to minimize the amount of thought or effort she might have to put
into it) was "what do you like least about this job?"

I despair of coming up with an answer to that which would be both honest
and constructive, as previous experience with her management has shown
that blame is allowed to flow only one way: downward.

Questions like this should get self-serving answers, not necessarily honest

Long answer, prepare a book, a total overhaul with sweeping changes of how
things are done, complete with TOP DOWN criteria for management performance,
extra perogatives and perks for the bottom tier of drones, etc.

Short answer, "I seriously regret the policy against office romances." wink
wink - nudge nudge.