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On 2007-11-09, Maarten Wiltink (aka Bruce)
was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea:
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On 2007-11-08, Maarten Wiltink (aka Bruce)
was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea:

2000W (which is 10 _very_ fit guys on bicycles).

Pffft. 2 sprinters, or a bit over 1 Robbie McEwans.

Okay. Must've remembered wrongly from the 'spinning' brochure
from the local gym. Somehow, it got stuck in my head that 175W
was not for the faint of heart, and not for the long run.
('Spinning' is stupid. Go outside, folks.)

I forgot to mention, in McEwan's case, this is only for about 15
seconds duration. Wassisname drug cheat from last year, Landis, was
outputting 400W all day the day he put the testosterone patch onto his
balls, but he went through about 70 litres of coolant. The rest of us
who cycle more than about 100km a week (ie, half the commuters out
there) should be able to do 200W for enough time.

Commercials showing someone reading a newspaper by a *very*
unsteady bicycle-powered bulb don't help, either. Although
that's obviously crap, since a 75W bulb should be problematic
for neither the hamster nor the reader.

One of the game shows on non commercial TV here (ie, it is half
entertaining, but I still don't usually watch it) gets a contestant to
play an LP via bicycle and get the rest of the team to pick the tune.
They must chuck on everything from 33s to 78s, and perhaps, judging
from some chipmunk action, some 3.3s too.

It's all well and good and no one can pedal at a constant rate until
you get an obvious cyclist on there who wants to pedal at a proper
90rpm cadence, causing chipmunks to come out of the woodwork. Feels
dirty to slow down and pedal at a rate so the team can hear the music.

Can Jesus heat a microwave burrito so much he can't eat it?
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