Re: That was dumb..

On 2007-11-08, Jasper Janssen (aka Bruce)
was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea:
One of the problems the aussies will have in grasping this is that *they*
can get cane sugar. The EU sugar market is heavily protected with import
tariffs and subsidies and such, and cane sugar thus carries a gigantic
price premium (like, a factor of 3-5 or so), and it seems like that's gone
beyond the tipping point where people will pay for cane syrup, but not
beyond the tipping point for cane sugar.

Mind you, I swear that both CSR's and Bundaberg's golden syrup aren't
anywhere near as good as they were a decade ago. A lot more
unpleasant burnt flavour to them. Same with both of their brown
sugars, and I have tried *all* over the place for different varieties
of brown sugars (both them and syrup are *very* nice on icecream).

So I found Lyle's (UK?) syrup which tastes just like the syrup I
remember from my childhood. Although, damn hard to find this last
year. I found a lone dented can sitting ontop of a deli counter at a
shop that no longer exists in town. Not in the big chain store that
replaced it, nor in the other supermarket chain store in town.

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