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Even today, very few people remember that Concorde was not only planned
as a civilian airliner, but as an RAF nuclear bomber too.

Do you have a reference for that or are you possibly confusing it with
the B1B/2707 link ?.

Charlie was telling me about that over drinks in April, I think. And I
saw some mention of it in his blog more recently, not just as fiction.

Oh hey, yeah, real recently:

The last three paragraphs, mostly. I make no claims on the accuracy of
the statements made in someone else's blog.

Almost certainly a UL. Concorde 002 was the initial British prototype
fitted out with stress logging and similar development/flight test stuff.
Every flight is documented.
She has been on display at
since 1976 where I have explored her several times. You would be welcome
to do the same for the price of an entry ticket and a chat to the right
people on a quiet day.

From the quill of Chris Newport g4jci.