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Mike Andrews <mikea@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Being so small it was unable to carry enough fuel for anything other than
the transatlantic hop, a larger version could have been used on more
profitable routes such as London-Johannesburg.

I'm reasonably sure that would not have been possible, as they were close
to the limit of (air resistance/engine thrust = maximum speed) and (range
= (available fuel)/(cargo weight & space in the aircraft)).

The computations certainly lead to a desire for much more energetic
fuels and engines capable of handling them.

What proportion of the SR71 is fuel tankage?

About 110%, judging by the published -1 manual.

This is a rather unfair comparison, the SR22 flies around twice as fast
and rather higher than Concorde. A more reasonable comparison would be
the B1B.

From the quill of Chris Newport g4jci.