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So, to hell with the expense, don't see anyone less than a
formally qualified psychiatrist if it looks like there's to
be medication involved.

And be aware that most medications won't help with the "don't know what
Happy feels like" problem. When I was on Cipramil, it reduced the lows, at
the expense of flattening out the highs as well, so while I didn't
disappear into the Pit, I still was divorced from anything resembling

The point of almost all psychoactive meds is to stop the lows from killing
you. Most of them have a large hysteresis as well, so you can't take them
like aspirin, only when you need them. The best strategy, IME, is to take
the pills so that you don't feel like getting friendly with a weapon,
while learning strategies for cognitively dealing with one's condition, in
preparation for coming off the drugs..

But the drug which gives the best chance of experiencing happiness? Dark
Chocolate. Chocolate in conjunction with mental retraining to allow for
happiness to be recognised when it happens.

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