Re: designer offices

On 8 Jun 2007 02:08:01 GMT, Zebee Johnstone <zebeej@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Oh the industrial chic with exposed ducts (Brazil!) and cabling is how
it is Supposed To Be. You can tell - the sprinklers are at that
level, if they add a proper ceiling they'll wet that rather than the
rooms below.

Odd, most of the industrial-chic-without-a-lowered-ceiling I've seen has
the sprinkler heads positioned further down, where they'd be if there was
a ceiling. Possibly most of them are conversions where they had an
existing sprinkler system.

I once stayed in a ho(s)tel in New York[1] where the rooms were 6 foot
high partitions in an originally very grand set of partician's rooms, with
an exposed sprinkler system running in between the top of the partitions
and the 12+ foot ceilings. 'Room' size about 7 by 3.5-4 feet, ie a bed
down one side and a foot or so of 'room' alongside it which included a

Very cheap, for Downtown Manhattan, although it was still 25 or 30 bucks a
night. I did get a free upgrade to a 'twin' room, which was basically two
mirror-image singles with an open doorway between them -- bed, foot of
floor, most of a 'wall', foot of space, bed.

I don't remember the problems with bedbugs and stuff being stolen from
rooms that the web is informing me are rife there, but maybe I was just


[1] The White House, on the Bowery, which was indeed a patrician's house
in the 18th century and was converted into these tiny lodgings back just
before 1900. The placards on the foot-square wardrobes announcing the
house rules -- among other things, "no spitting" -- even *appear* to be