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The Honda ST1100, for instance, didn't grow a proper
variable-rotor-field, integral-regulator alternator until the 1996
model year.

Permanent-magnet alternators may be fine on sport bikes, but on a
heavy sport-tourer where people want aux lights and heated clothing?
And GPS and intercoms and radar detectors (where permitted, of course)
and two-way radio and... well, you get the idea.

Undersized wiring, dodgy connector quality, and corroding ground
points, are all there waiting for you. All three lead to weird
intermittent faults that are a pain to troubleshoot with any sort of
meter--looking for melted and burned connectors is really the first
thing to do. And clean and re-make your battery cable connections.


BMW do some weird ones too.

The K100 I ride uses the bushes in the starter motor as part of the
battery charge/electrical/lighting system - so when the brushes wear
beyond a certain point, you get all kinds of nice oddities happening,
like the left indicator switch turning on the right - or both -
indicators and vica-versa. The engine stopping for no reason when you're
doing 110k's down the freeway, and refusing to start again until you've
stopped moving, turned the key several times on and off, used a whole
bunch of obscene language and then attempted to bump start the bike
before giving the started one more try - where upon it kicks over and
goes off like nothing ever happened.

The only way to fix it is to renew the starter motor bushes. A whole
new example of creative language waiting to happen.

Ahhh, genuine German electronics. What a grand concept!

Oh Ghod...

The grapefruit's Austin All-aggro and its "interesting" performance
problem. Sudden loss of power for no explicable reason. You'd be
cheerfully doing 70 MPH down the motorway and /gradually/ start
slowing down for no apparent reason, even with the pedal flat to
the floor. This was approaching brown trouser time, as you had
around 30 seconds of forward motion remaining before the engine
stopped altogether, and the hard shoulder was *essential*.

The bloody thing would then refuse to restart for about 10 minutes,
then behave as if nothing had happened. I suspected the fuel
system, but never managed to track it down and eventually fixed
it by phoning the scrapyard and having it taken away and crushed.

(We do not talk about the Fiat "rustbucket" Mirafiori any more; nor
many other pieces of potentially mobile scrap metal - like the
Morris Oxtail with the (broken) bodge-mounting to the front (bench)
seat: as you accelerate, the seat tilts backwards thereby removing
pressure from the accelerator pedal. Kangaroo petrol *bigtime*, and
the "get you home" strategy of hanging onto the steering wheel like
grim death. I suspect this may be why I haven't learned to drive.)

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