Re: secondhand angst

abuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Peter Corlett) writes:
[ "Other duties as required" ]
Lusers don't luse any less when you're a programmer.
Clairvoyancy is even more of a required skill than it is in sysadminnery.

My workplace appears to be hosting the C programming jackassery Olympics.
Again. Or rather, still.

Wrong, but not news:
#define MAX(x,y) x>y?x:y
(Hint: Expand 1+MAX(2,3). If you said 4, you fail to grasp the Way of
Tae Kwon Leap.)

Evil, insidious and wrong:
#ifdef MAX
#undef MAX
#define MAX(x,y) x>y?x:y

God Dammit I Want to See The Blood of the Perpetrators Outside Their Bodies:
Slight variations of the above, in three different local headers,
included in random order from every module in the project. "WTF? I
swear I fixed that!"