Re: Pain, pain-relief, & social complications. ( Re: Unrecovery of the wisdom kind)

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Jasper Janssen <jasper@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The government here recently introduced a system whereby each year you get
250 bucks refund, minus costs incurred (except for care for <18 year olds,
the GP, and a few others), but that's as far as they've been willing to

Prescription charges have just been scrapped in Wales. The rest of the union
have had to suffer the usual annual price hikes. It's something like GBP7
per item. There's some sort of "season ticket" scheme for those taking
regular medication.

There are two schemes - the Pre-Payment Certificate, hand over 98.70 UKP
per year and then all your scripts are covered. The other scheme (which
both myself and my good lady benefit from) is the Medical Exemption
Certificate, where people who have a "listed medical condition" are
entitled to exemption from prescription charges. The latter costs one
stamp and a few phone calls to chase up the doctor to complete the form.

My wife has recently been diagnosed with Epilepsy, and I'm on Thyroxine.

The cannier patient will ask the pharmacist if any of the prescribed stuff
is availble cheaper OTC. I've seen prescriptions for *paracetamol*, after
all, and you're daft if you pay seven quid for a pack of that.

It's not in the pharmacist's interest to do that, since he keeps the
prescription charge. He then gets refunded from HMG the book (BMF)
price of the drug he dispensed. If he was able to source them cheaper
than the book price then he makes a profit.