ASRBrum V3R0M1

....hopefully this time with Mr Corlett.

Where: The Wellington, 37 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham. B2 5SN England

When: Saturday 26th May 2007 from 2pm (approx.)

Why: Because it's there, serves real beer (and cider).

How: Train - London Marylebone to Birmingham Snow Hill for the usual
suspects, beware of the whisk(e)y shelves in Oddbins on Colmore Row.
(Note: Chiltern do a "Just 15" return ticket from London if you travel
after 11 am. That gets you to Birmingham at 2pm. There are also some
"group saver" offers which may cut the transport cost further.)
Train - elsewhere to Birmingham New Street - but you have to walk
up the hill.

Who: The usual suspects and any other BOFHen that feel like it.

uggc://jjj.gurjryyvatgbaernynyr.pb.hx if you need more persuasion.

Bring your own food: they supply cutlery.