Re: Recruiters who place people first...

On 2007-05-07, David Cameron Staples <staples@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Has anyone else noticed that all the Perl books are disappearing from the
bookshops, and Perl is becoming less represented in glue code?
It's OK, though: it's all being replaced by Python. This is supposed to be
better or something.

Well, when I look at Python code, I can usually understand what it's
doing without working too hard. This isn't the case with Perl. (And for
the smartarses out there, this was the case even before I learnt

Bad coders write bad code, no matter what the language. The key question
is whether the language discourages the practice to the best of its

Without going into the long story, I bumped into somebody I know from my
Pvglyvax days yesterday. He introduced me to somebody else. "Fghneg
jbexrq jvgu fbzr bs gur vagresnprf ba Pvglyvax - gur barf gung jbexrq."
That's either a damning indictment on the codebase, or a massive
compliment to me, or both. I asked a few questions, and it appears that
no, they didn't reuse that code in any other tollway. Gee, I wonder why
that might have been ...

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