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You could have at least made it more pleasant and used real rabid dogs.
I'm sure the badgers would have preferred it.

Don't be silly. Squirrels would look daft riding dogs - even with their
little squirrely head mounted lasers.

Depends on the dogs. I have a Dachshund[1] that would probably be just
about perfect as a mount for a laser-toting ninja-squirrel.

And it would get it out of the house too which would also be a bonus.


[1] Yes yes - I know. It probably doesn't really qualify as a dog. It's
not mine honest - it's hers. And we inherited it. Along with the
turbo-nutter Staffie-JR cross who has many flaws but at the very least
is (undeniably) very much a dog. Even the cat doesn't regard the
fluffy-sausage-shaped thing as a dog.

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