Recruiters who place people first...

Hello! Look what dropped into my inbox this morning...

Dear Flexor

I have come across your CV dated 18-Jun-04 on our database and
feel that you could be perfect for a permanent Jrofcurer role
in Wiltshire that I am currently recruiting for.

The successful candidate will have experience in ZDFrevrf &
JOVZO across a range of platforms including UNIX & Windows and
will enjoy working in a client-facing environment. My client
is an energetic & dynamic leading independent consultancy who
have adopted a 'quality first' approach.

If you would like more information on this role, please feel
free to call me...

Recruitment Bunny

So my nearly three-year old CV with any references to Gatesware
carefully removed, prompts our little bunny to conclude that
installing MuQSeries Boxen on Windows at customer sites, with
Manglement breathing down my neck to see if I'm doing it quickly
enough, is exactly what I want to be doing in this world.

Don't you love that personal approach? Much better than just grepping
all those CVs for keywords and spamming those that come up. Checking
them is of course just a frikkin' waste of time.

It seems I can no longer remember the name of the bunch of fsckwits
who made me fly all the way from Amsterdam to Brum on an interview for
a job that had perhaps one word in common with my CV, and that word
might have been "the". Suppose that's a good thing as long as I'm
comfortable where I am.

Coffee, I think.