Re: bowling for cars

Dave Brown <dagbrown@xxxxxxx> wrote:
I was born in Canada and not only don't live there now, but have spent
nearly half of my life outside the country. I was one of those bloody
horrible foreigners in England for a couple of years though.

Where in England? If London, I'd argue that it's a different country and the
usual rules don't apply.

There's also something about the way Americans carry themselves that annoy
the Brits so you might not get as kind a response as you were expecting.

(For these purposes, you're American like the Scots are English. It's all
the same, right?)

I was welcomed more by the Japanese, who have an astounding reputation for
xenophobia, than I ever was by the English.

The British aren't exactly short on xenophobia. You only need to read the
tabloids to see that.