Re: It figures (or, Welcome home, Prodigal!)

in Fri, 19 Jan 2007 04:11:02 +0000, Alan J Rosenthal in hic locum

You Are Not Me. If this were me, the reappearance of the stuff would be
right in the middle of my dining table, or somewhere equally obvious,
away from everything else and sitting blatantly in the open, with no
plausible reason as to why I didn't find it in my days of searching.

If a genie popped out of a lamp of some sort (or more likely, out of a
cup of coffee) and offered me one wish, anything I could think of, it
would be always to remember where things are.

And said genie would give you a magic amulet to perform said miracle,
which you would almost immediately put down. Somewhere.

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