Re: Oh look at the spectacular lightning!

On Thu, 17 Aug 2006 05:08:58 GMT, Stuart Lamble
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I suspect that my stomach started complaining during one of the "shop's
just been sold" periods, and kept it up out of habit later on. I can
still enjoy a good pizza from other places, on occasion; "other places"
in this instance include (at last count) Topolino's (in St Kilda); Papa
Gino's (in Lygon Street); and there's also a place not far from where I
live that's pretty decent too.

Topolino's has been reliably good for about 25 years, & makes the best
marinaras I've ever eaten. (I worked next door in the mid 80's, & also
used to spot all sorts of muscial celebrities there.)
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