Re: Oh look at the spectacular lightning!

On 2006-07-28, Robert Sneddon <fred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

An old fairground show I heard about back in the post-WWII era involved
a sword-swallower doing his schtick with a neon or fluorescent tube,
giving the audience a delightful view in a darkened tent.

So that the electrical contacts were both at the same end, they tended
to use neon tubes that were bent into a U shape.

The tubes used
were rather delicate though and the failure modes somewhat nasty if the
performer, for example, coughed at the wrong time.


If part of the tube shatters whilst it's in you, you ain't pulling it

For a rather readable novel that features this subject, check out
"Memoirs of a sword swallower" by Dan Manix