Re: Stimpy, what were you thinking?

David Cameron Staples <staples@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You have heard of the convention that contractions that end with the
proper last letter of the original word may be written without point?

Mister -> M....r -> Mr
Doctor -> D....r -> Dr
Professor -> Prof..... -> Prof.

No? Never mind, then. Carry on.

What an ... _interesting_ idea, but one not taught in any of the
schools _I_ attended. The English grammar and composition teachers
were uniformly standards-driven, and that was not in The Book.

A few years ago, Friday, October 14 was World Standards Day. Or, at
least, it was World Standards Day in *some* countries. However, in
America, the celebrations were held on October 11th. In Finland,
World Standards Day was marked on October 13th. Italy planned a
separate conference on standards for October 18th. - Shakib Otaqui