Re: Stimpy, what were you thinking?

Joe Bednorz <invalid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
Maybe a sysadmin mobile lending library? Buy a book, read it, mail it
to the next person on the library list.

I try not to lend nor to borrow books.

If I like a book, I want to keep it. Much like the situation with my dinner.

What we really need is something like / for books.
The way those work is that you pay a monthly rental fee which covers three
or four simultaneous movies "out", then whenever you finish with one of
them you put it in the mail and they mail you a new one. But you can
hang on to them as long as you like, since you're paying the monthly fee.
You edit your list of discs you want on their web pages. I'm a big fan.

I get obscure movies from Their policy is to purchase, to the
extent legally possible, at least one of every DVD which isn't "X-rated".
(I couldn't detect with a quick browse whether has the same
policy. Hell, when I mentioned to someone and they came back with, it took me like a quarter of an hour of searching at
to answer the simple question "is U.S.-only?".)