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It really annoys me when one finally finds a seller of a nice make of
shirt or socks and return to the shop only five or ten years later to
buy another one or two items, perhaps in a different colour, that they
no longer stock the item and in some, almost unbelievable, cases the
shop no longer exists!

I've found a cure for that problem. Five or ten years later I'm a
completely different _shape_.

I bought my one nice suit about 5 years ago. It was a good fit then.
Until last week I had last worn it for my wedding 2 1/2 years ago and it
was tight then.

I wore it to a wedding on Saturday and it fit fantastically again. It's
amazing what careful eating and plenty of time at the gym can do for 10
years accumulated lazyness - even after just a few months!

Diabetes can also be a big help. Suddenly all the old stuff fits again.

And most of it is as much or as little in fashion as it was back then, by
my admittedly rather uninformed judgement.

I have a suit somewhere. I think I last used that ... let's see ... more
than a quarter century ago.

Approximately a quarter century ago, I regularly dressed in something like
a suit, and garotte ... while spending my time not ordering munitions for
planes for 18 months. Can't say *that* made me like the stuff more.

Since then, *most* people in suits I've met were bad news of one kind or

I don't remember what I wore to my father's funeral ... I don't think I've
ever been to a marriage. One "interview", wearing nothing special, for the
job I still have.

And in the one court appearance since, also nothing special. (I won by
default, as the other side was a no-show, but it didn't help me, as their
assets were missing ... I think it was a female judge. Mainly sitting
there for a while and waiting for Godot ...)

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