Re: Recovery by Relocation.

In article <slrne3iv7s.583.dan1701usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Dan Holdsworth wrote:
On Sat, 8 Apr 2006 20:42:23 +0100, Tanuki

The rat-infestation I inherited is now seemingly under control thanks to
copious amounts of Difenacoum. At least now I don't see the beasties

I would have thought that a campaign of trapping with Fenn Mk.4 traps
baited with peanut butter would have been easier; less rodents dying in

Or my favoured solution - allow the cats and dogs[1] access to the
roofspace. Although since the two proficient hunters we have among the
cats are now both 17 I suspect nowadays it would be allow the
turbo-nutter dog access to the roofspace.


[1] One of which is a Staffie-Jack Russell cross. A more natural ratter
combination you would struggle to find. And as an ex-feral (rescue dog)
she has the instincts and technique to back it up too...

Phil Launchbury, IT PHB
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to juggle mushrooms'