Re: They obviously don't know what they want.

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Peter H. Coffin wrote:

For these things, one patronizes tailoring establishments, not "Men's
Wearhouse". As with anything else, if you don't buy from the low-margin
box-shifters, and instead seek out people that know what they're doing,
you get product worth the premium price. Properly done, with good
materials, a full suit and two shirts will probably set you back about
a sum in about the same order as a reliable used car, however.

Indeed so, but a dozen such suits and a couple of score shirts should
last you a lifetime.

And, alas, cost you as much as a house.

Worth it if you have the money in hand, but banks don't usually
give mortgages for suits.

david parsons \bi/ Sell the house, buy handmade suits? It would
\/ almost be worth it.