Re: You Can't Spell "Stupid..."

On Wed, 28 Dec 2005 23:09:57 -0600, Bruce Tomlin wrote
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> In article <slrndr5hsu.3b7.hellsop@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
> "Peter H. Coffin" <hellsop@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The worst part was that after all this, he broke from policy by trying a
> fourth day of attempted delivery instead of leaving it at the station
> where the stupid little post-it notes said it would be. And when a
> package is out for delivery, it is NOT returning to the station until at
> least 4PM, and probably more like 5PM or 6PM.

Most be nice, UPS and FedEx in my city both return to the depot > 1 hour
after the depot is closed for customer pickup. Our only hope of getting a
package the next day is to call and request that they hold it at the depot
rather then sending it out for delivery again (and then hope that they
actually hold it). As for my wife and I both working from home and both
being at home all day when a package is out for delivery, and then finding a
note on the door when we finally venture outside, that's another matter.