Re: I want my Saturday back

In article <dn57gi$3dp$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Brian Kantor wrote:
>>out by all the other noise in the office. A luser cow-orker "speaks"
>>at 82dB SPL - three metres away through two barriers of stuff piled up
>>to attenuate it. There's nothing like him coming up and "talking"
>>right into your ear when he wants something.
>Simply obtain one of the older analog-meter sound level measurement
>devices (about $45 at Fry's), and replace the meter with a relay,
>hooked to a fire siren installed in his cube.

Creating a nice feedback loop.

>Should this fail, move it from the compressed air to the anaesthetic
>gas piping and install a door closer on his office so that the gas
>concentration is high enough to mute him since he can't mute himself.

How about He? His voice going squeeky should make him
pause, and if he keeps his voice up it will go squeekier
until he chokes.

Stig M. Valstad

"I'm going to kill them all. That ought to distract them." -- Buffy