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>: ROT13ed to protect those whose day has already contained enough horror:
>: Gurer vf fhpu n guvat nf Grfpb Inyhr Fpbgpu Juvfxl.
>Point of law: that might be Juvfxl, but it ain't Fpbgpu.

You are, of course, correct. I walked past the stuff again today, and
while the label does read 'Scotch Whisky', the ingredients are, in fact
'Scotch whisky, demineralised water, colour (caramel)'. The label also
says 'alc. 40% vol.' and 'Distilled and bottled in Scotland', so they
do seem to be sticking to the letter of the law[0].

There is a guarantee on the bottle, to the effect of 'If this product
does not meet the expected standard, we will give you a refund or a
replacement'. Unfortunately, my expectations are such that I could
only claim my money back if it tasted considerably worse than bleach,
or failed to adequately clean tape drive heads.


[0] Insert 'spirit of the law' joke here.

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