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>>Chris. (Still not on call... also happy that the Tesco "£10 off >£30"
>>*do* apply to spirits, so a bottle of the doublewood cost £10.99.
>OK, my brane really hurts today, I have to work tomorrow to fix a
>significant problem we just found, and that's a different currency than I
>am accustomed to, but I still can't make that math work. Either you
>slipped a digit(0) or someone should just shoot me and put me out of my

Bottle of Balvenie Doublewood: 20.99 GBP
Bottle of Lambs Navy Rum: 13.74 GBP (needed for Christmas anyway)
Subtotal: 34.73 GBP
Tesco 10 GBP off >30 GBP purchases voucher: -10 GBP
Total: 24.73 GBP.

(It may not have been the rum: I can't recall what I topped the list
up with, but it was stuff I needed to get (and couldn't find cheaper
elsewhere) anyway.)

Chris. (I haven't tried the Doublewood, as it needs to be relabelled
as "John Jones Monroevian Moonshine" for Christmas presents.) (I also
discovered that the SMWS is now doing a range of "humourously-labelled"
bottles. including "Cheap Industrial Cooking Whisky", which is a bad
thing to do to Caol Ila(sp?).)

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