Film review

I *seriously* wonder about the mental state of some people^Wlusers.

Movie review:

> This film threatened to be equivalent to some lite R-rated films in
> violence, thus the red CAPCon Alert light atop this page. There is
> gunfire to kill, reckless driving to pursue, fighting to settle
> differences, a drawing of a beheaded man with blood spurting out of
> his neck, a threat with a firearm and other issues of violence.

Yes folks, they're reviewing the latest Wallace & Gromit cartoon!

Be *very* afraid.

As a measure of their "thinking", apparently "mentioning evolution"
is an "Offence to God", and, looking at another of their "reviews",
I'm tempted to write and ask them: 'Just what is "the foulest of the
most foul words" (I can send you a plain brown envelope to insert your
your response in if you would prefer to do it that way.)"

ObSheesh: Furrfu!

"People in general are not fundamentally stupid."

Robin Munn & Simon Cozens in the scary devil monastery