Re: Student Entertainment

Dan Holdsworth <dan1701usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> On Thu, 27 Oct 2005 23:54:29 +0100, Aquarion
> <aqusenet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> was popularly supposed to have said:
>> I stopped doing this after one day, when a nice lady in some
>> truely startling bright blue high heeled shoes decided that the
>> optimal location for her to regain her balance after a sudden
>> stop due there being the wrong sort of trains on the line (or
>> something) was a position that left her right heel firmly
>> placed upon my left hand.
> It is at this point that culture and genetics will always come to the
> rescue of we lucky few who come from Yorkshire.

"DAFT BINT!", shirley?

"No wonder Unix makes you feel boxed in. It ties you to an
inflexible system. It requires you to pay for expensive experts.
It makes you struggle daily with a server environment that's more
complex than ever" -- Microsoft ad proving that irony isn't dead