Re: My secret geek shame

Dave Buckles <dbuckles@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> AndyC the WB wrote:
>>>>>>>"Geoff" == Geoff Lane <zzassgl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Geoff> I'm in desperate need of a power
>> Geoff> trip (of the good kind of course.)
>> What other kind is there?
> Ask my UPS.
> Speaking of which, the damned thing won't turn on. Just what I need,
> more problems.
OK you asked for it. Here have $PHB who, rather than doing the
intelligent thing[1] like telling me he has a problem, brings it up in
the monthly manglers meeting in front of $DIRECTOR. $DIRECTOR hassled my
decidedly non-PHB who askes me to have a look at it.

The problem? $PHB couldn't see a single intranet page, so "My network is
broken and I can't see anything!"

<Mikado>I have a little list</Mikado>

[1] I know, what am I thinking

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