Re: Murphy Family Reunion, US Tour 2005

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> gcash said something similar to:
> : What amazes me is:
> :
> : "The driver of the truck and the passenger were flown to an area hospital"
> :
> : Not only was there enough left to find, he was STILL ALIVE???!!!
> I get the impression from CNN's version of the story[1] that there was
> a fair amount of time between the wreck and the explosion.

Sometimes, 3 minutes is an eternity. One of them made a good 75 yard
dash in those 3 minutes, including getting out of the cab, before the
fire got hot enough to ignite all those blasting caps.

It still boggles the mind that the overpressure at 75 yards wasn't
enough to pulp internals. I guess craters from explosions that bounce
and go UP can be your friends.

There is a lesson from this, of course, for those times when we're
throwing extra large grenades at lusers. A reinforced concrete
backstop may yield more satisfying results than a soft asphalt parking


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