Re: Ram Update in Dimension E510

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   So my ram came from newegg and I installed it in my laptop and desktop.
Installing the ram in the laptop was easy.  Really, all things should be
that easy.  I've not played around with the lap top long enough but to be
sure but so far going from 1GB to 2GB has made things run faster.

  I've really noticed a difference in my desktop.  I went from 512mb to
2.5GB or ram.  The first thing I noticed was that opening My Documents is
much faster now, almost instantly.  iTunes is greatly improved.  It used
to take my desktop about one minute to open up iTunes.  Plus when I
scrolled through all my song I experienced lag.  Now iTunes opens up in
under one second and I can scrolled through my songs with ease.  Also,
Google Earth opens up faster and web pages load faster.

  My new ram came from newegg a few days ago.  I took out the 256 modules
and put in my new 1 GB modules, I ordered
two of them.  So now my E510 has 4 GB of ram although it only shows up as
3.24 GB of ram.  I assume that is nature, right?

  My E510 is running faster now.  I can't believe how fast iTunes loads now,
along with my picture software and Google Earth.
It used to take a few minutes for iTunes to load while I heard the hard
drive grind and grind.  Now it loads in under a second.  It used to take a
half minute to look at the apps too but now they load quickly in iTunes.

 If 4 GB or ram is so fast I'm wondering how fast a new compute would be
with 12 GB or 16 GB is with an i7 processor.

I am assuming you are running some 32-bit flavor of Windows. If so,
the 3.24GB is the maximum memory that can be addressed by an Intel CPU
running in 32-bit mode. To use the full 4GB, you would need to
install a 64-bit operating system, not worth the trouble for the
minimal increase in memory.

I am running a quad core system with 32-bit XP, and I rarely have an
unreasonable slowdown. I have clients running 8GB i7 laptops with Win
7 for software development, and they are awesome.

The added memory helps only if you are in the habit of opening up and
using multiple apps with many windows or tabs, e.g. IE with 10 tabs, 5
spreadsheets, a Word doc or two, Acrobat, and Google Earth. With a
lot of memory, all these apps become memory resident and there is
minimal time spent swapping programs and data back and froth to the
paging file... Ben Myers