Re: Best Dell problem ever!

On Tue, 7 Jun 2011 07:14:28 -0400, "Tom Lake" <tlake@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

What came as a shock to us? Did I miss some great revelation?

Tom L

Not really.

Scalesy boy was a Dell employee......most of us with working brain
cells had him sussed from the start.

As someone else has pointed out, he lived here for a few
years......and then <poof> just like that, his paymasters diverted his
activities elsewhere.

Good for this group but not good for those who he suckered in.

But then the Yanks are easily fooled......moon landings, 9/11 etc etc.

God bless 'em all, especially those we encountered in
Jamaica.......massive stomachs, and I mean massive (I had no idea the
human skin was capable of stretching so far), and their enormous

Why would you wander around yelling "Missourrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiii,

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