Change over

Well, guys, as promised. An update on our change over from Dell to Apple.
As of today, our company, which is in the graphics arts business, has successfully switched from all Dell computers to Apple computers.

At one time we were operating as many as 5 Dell Computers. As of today we only have 1 still remaining in use. The one that I am currently on---which is
primarily being used by my wife for accounting..

My employees have all successfully made the change to Apples. From the comments I have been receiving, they are extremely pleased.
The two that are doing the bulk of the graphics design on 27" IMacs say that the new Apples are so far superior for graphics design that it is not worth
attempting to make comparisons. The most heard comment is "Why didn't we do this sooner?"

One of them recently made the comment that as far as apparent quality is concerned, the IMac is far and above, a higher quality computer, in appearance, construction, and operation. IE, the use of the keyboard, mouse, track pad, and the display.

This only Dell remaining in use is an Inspiron 1705. Since my wife is expressing her displeasure on an almost daily basis, it is likely she will be getting a new
Mac laptop.

Best to all of you. I sincerely hope that you have better luck and get better support from Dell than I have for the last couple of years.