Re: Looking @ a Dell Laptop. Advice Please

On 12/16/2010 2:24 PM, Monica wrote:
Yes, I read the first report of the limited open programs and the areo
look. Also read that Starter doesn't play DVDs. I still don't know for
sure which version it will have on it but the title description says Windows
7 Premium. We shall see. I still use XP on my XPS 420. It was shipped
with Vista but the first thing I did was strip that off and load XP (along
with a lot of "XP for Vista" drivers I had to track down). THAT was a
chore! I love XP but I'm kind of looking forward to trying Win 7 if it's
not the Starter version.
As for the complimentary colors while traveling...absolutely! In fact, my
Ford Flex has ambient lighting (cup holders and front and middle footwells
and rear console). Hot pink is one of the 7 colors from which to choose :)
I'm not about to tell you that I coordinate the ambient lighting to what I'm
wearing. My long standing affiliation with this newsgroup would be
tarnished for good! :o

"Christopher Muto"<muto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On 12/16/2010 11:49 AM, Monica wrote:
Now how did you know I wanted this laptop because it was pink? You've
my cover! No one on this newsgroup will ever take me seriously
Yes, it does come with a CD/DVD player. (Win 7 Starter doesn't play
Don't know if it's a burner too. Not all of the specs are listed. I
know warranty yet either. I called Dell to ask about this model.
find it on their website. Was given this link as being the same laptop.
As for the Win 7 "Starter" edition, I'm still not sure about this. I
that before I ordered and Googled "Windows 7 Starter". It appears to be
"4th" version of Win 7 for NETbooks. This laptop
doesn't say it's a netbook (if it is, I don't want it). And the main
description of the OS says "Windows 7 Home Premium". Premium and Starter
are two different versions.
Guess I'll find out tomorrow when it arrives at my back door :o One of
reasons I bought this laptop from Walmart is because I can return it
and with no restocking fee. The 3 weeks or 3 months (I've had two
answers) I have to return it will give me the time I need to decide if
going to be happy with it.
I HAVE been considering an iPad and then wanted to wait and see what
competition hits the market. In the end, I decided a laptop would suit
needs better. Thank you for your advice and for the link to the (boring)
black model<g> I've bookmarked it in case the pink one doesn't quite
it :)
Tim, thank you for the list of top laptops. I'm sure they're all great
laptops, just not in the price range I'm willing to pay since this is
of a convenience/want purchase rather than a necessary/need one.

"Christopher Muto"<muto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On 12/14/2010 4:09 PM, Monica wrote:
This will NOT be my main computer. My desktop will always be my
I don't even NEED a notebook....just think I want one :)
What will I use it for? Surfing the Internet. Would want it to be
play all the common various video formats found on line. I'm not a
Email, accessing graphical recipe cards, play music, view pictures and
videos. I won't ask it to do photo editing with the likes of
Lightroom or video slideshows
with Proshow Producer. Will this laptop do what I want with ease with
to offer? I don't want to start out with a laptop that is already
pushed to the limits. Would anyone know what kind of (and quality)
it has? My desktop is a LCD (IPS)
Thanks guys!

that $500 pink walmart dell inspiron im501r has an amd p340 processor
(1286 passmark), 15.6" screen, 3gb ram, 350gb hard disk, wireless n,
integrated camera, no mention of optical drive* (cd? dvd? dvd-rw), a 6
cell battery, 1 year warranty (not clear if it is on-site or
return-to-depot/mail-in), and windows 7 "starter edition", and a media
card reader.
it is a capable machine but doesn't strike me as an exceptional value.
is is available in the stores for you to take home today, and it is
pink -
which i know you like about it ;)
for $449, this one is probably a better deal...
It is a black dell inspiron 15 with a Intel t4500 processor (1561
passmark), 15.6: screen, 3gb ram, 500gb hard disk, wireless n,
camera, dvd-rw, 6 cell battery, 1 year on-site warranty, and windows 7
"home premium", and no media card reader.
So for $50 less you get a bit faster machine with more disk. but you
to wait a bit longer for it to arrive and it is not pink.
having said that, if your goal is to be truly portable, and since you
you have the desktop as your main machine, i would suggest that you
consider a ipad. it isn't nirvana, but it is very veritile, and with
installation of logmein nitro ($20?) you can remotely control your
internet connected desktop from the ipad as well as use the ipad
independantly for surfing the web, watching movies, reading books, etc.
You may even want to wait a couple of months to see what appears on the
market from the other major vendors as they are scrambling to come us
some answer to the ipad with tablets of their own.

*and the link on to dell's specification page does not work.

that machine will likely be just fine.
windows starter edition is probably the only real issue with the machine.
when you read stuff on the web about windows starter edition you have to
take it with a big grain of salt. most of the information about windows 7
starter is wrong, in large part because microsoft themselves issued
pre-release statements about its 'features' (limitations) that were not
actually as severe in the final released product. it was created to
compete with linux that was shipping on all the low cost netbooks. to
make windows low cost to netbook manufacturers they decided to cut
features and initially announced that it would only be able to run three
applications at a time. but when it came to market it did not have that
restriction though people still say it does. the things that starter does
not do are mostly just annoying, like you can not change the desktop
wallpaper (easily - it can be hacked), and it does not support 'areo' (the
translucent windows that are a mainstay of the windows 7 look). you could
of course reload your new machine with a different version of windows if
you wanted. it is interesting that windows 7 is on this full fledged
notebook. i think that has to due with the marketing power of walmart
dictating to dell and microsoft what configuration they wanted to be able
to advertise a machine at a certain price point and still achieve the
profit margins they required. but all that aside, enjoy the laptop, but
make sure you wear complimentary colors when you travel with it.

that is right, windows 7 starter does not have a built in dvd player. that is consistent with netbooks not having dvd drives and it makes me wonder why the optical drive was not mentioned in the configuration of the dell/walmart machine that you bought. but you can always install some other media player like the vista edition of powerdvd that you probably got with your dell desktop. the things that are gimped in starter edition really just amount to annoyances and for the most part have work arounds, but the lack of areo glass (and areo peak) is the biggest difference in terms of user experience. still think it is odd that the link to the system specs on the walmart product page did not work. no mention of a optical drive makes me think that it may not have one - and no optical drive was one of microsofts original requirements for systems that oems could install windows 7 starter on their machines... then again a maximum 250gb was also a requirement and this system has more than that... so let us know what you get. walmart usually has good deals, and if for some reason it disappoints you cal always return it as you said.