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Lattitude 610, Google provides nothing useful.

This may or may not help... but it is a very useful tool when dealing
with bios issues on dell notebooks. It is the actual BIOS Upgrade For
Service Technicians Only Disc that comes with replacement boards. It
has 172 different BIOS updates for several Dell Notebooks. 3 files make
an iso file to burn. Enjoy!





VERY interesting, but what do I have here now that I have downloaded 3
RAR files, each containing a Dell BIOS ISO? Are these three separate
ISOs or do I concatenate the contents of the 3 RARs? From what you
described, apparently I concatenate them... Ben

first combine/extract the three compressed rar files (labeled part 1, 2,
and 3) into a single iso file using a rar tool like 'free rar extract
frog' which you can find on the use cd creation software
that supports iso files (ie roxio 10de) to burn the iso image file on to
a blank cdr. works great (thanks gene). the disc is dated 5/1909 so does
not have recent bios updates for the more recent model systems, but for
the older systems that have reached eol for bios updates it is fine. i
am hoping that the service tag tool on the disk actually allow
modification of the service tag for replaced system boards that have
different service tags than the original system... but i have not tried
that yet. if it works then this seems like a nice feature for you ben as
it seem you often swap system boards. i have heard that dell techs have
such a utility but no tech i ever encountered had such a tool or
bothered to update the service tag on a replaced system board.


I have the Dell tool to change a service tag. Runs from a CD. Problem with ASSET.COM all by itself is that sometimes it refuses to change the service tag. The additional software wipes out the service tag so that ASSET.COM can write a new one. Works well. Used a few times lately in mixing and matching working laptop motherboards with undamaged laptop bottoms.

If you want to send me your current email address, I can email to you the ISO file used to change any and all Dell service tags.

I succeeded in extracting the DELLBIOS.iso with 7-zip, and, yes, it does contain the latest and last BIOSes for EOL systems, but not the newer ones. Still, better than nothing, and better than the floppy disks I have here to update Dell BIOSes.

But "the disc is dated 5/1909"! OMG! Can I update the BIOS of a Model T Ford? ... Ben Myers