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>>>> On 10/07/2010 2:10 AM, Justin wrote:
>>>>> I have a Dell D430 running Windows 7 Pro 64.
>>>>> It originally came without Bluetooth, so I bought a Dell Truemobile >>>>> 355
>>>>> Bluetooth Adapter Card - RJ421 off eBay and installed it like so.
>>>>> BAfter I started up the machine it detected a USB hub but I don't >>>>> have
>>>>> a
>>>>> Bluetooth option in Control Panel.
>>>>> What did I do wrong?
>>>> 32
>>>> 4/t
>>>> /19292977.aspx
>>> thanks, that seems to have worked.
>>> That's why I use a Mac - patched, unlisted drivers and patches.
>>> My favorite quote from the link you gave me: "1. You will not be able >>> to
>>> find this patch under the Driver downloads for Dell XPS 1330."
>>> So how are people supposed to find these drivers?
>> you had to install the driver before the necessity of this patch was
>> even in question. after getting the driver installed you then
>> encountered the fn+f2 message about activation for which there are
>> several articles on regarding the solution. the
>> problem is related to the state that the card was in prior to
>> installation and is a result of switching operating systems. if it >> was
>> a new card or you happened to use the same os that the previous owner
>> did then you would not had the need for the patch, but you still would
>> have had to first install the driver that you had trouble finding.
>> perhaps buying on ebay isn't the best way to go when you are >> unfamiliar
>> with a product.
> Even finding the driver was a pain in the ass - and it isn't for > Windows
> 7 it is for Vista. Why no 7 driver?
> There shouldn't be a difference between OSes.
> I suppose I could have bought the same part directly from Dell for $50.
> Which is almost a quarter of what the machine is worth. Or a used one
> off eBay for $10.
> But hey, now I know.
> I'm going to selel this machine on eBay once I upgrade the RAM.
> Windows 7 on 1GB is so slow its pathetic.

first of all dell did not sell this product with any machine that they
sold with windows 7.
the vista driver works in windows 7 and you should be glad that it does.
you seem to think that dell is required to test their discontinued
products with all future operating systems and provide drivers for them
you seem to have a deep sense of entitlement and are completely
unappreciative of not just the people in this group but of dell too.
you bought something with little knowledge of it to work in an operating
system for which there is no driver and post your question and your
follow ups here without as much as a please or thank you.
please do sell the machine so that we don't have to hear from you again.

Actually I did say thanks, so you can kiss my OSX ass. :)
Yes, I have a sense of entitlement, in that I want the machine to
actually work. Crazy, huh?
Thanks for giving IT personnel a bad name. I bet the saps you work with
love you.

Actually, Muto is correct, as far as he went. Which wasn't far enough.
I don't recall seeing a Win 7 Dell product with Bluetooth. He is correct there.
He is also correct that they did sell Win Vista Dell products with Bluetooth.
Don't waste your money on the idea that a Vista Bluetooth will operate properly.
The Bluetooth drivers that Dell supplied with my Inpiron have NEVER properly worked and still don't.
I was repeatedly promised updated drivers that would work with Vista and have YET to get them.

As I said, save yourself some money and a lot of headaches.

SO, as Muto said, IF you can get the Bluetooth drivers to work ---consider yourself fortunate.

BTW, Muto has never been known for his tact.