Re: inspiron 6000 - which hard drive interface?

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My wife's 40 GB drive on her Inspiron 6000 is totally full and I want
to replace it with a (much) larger one.
It's a Toshiba Proteus which looks to have an E-IDE interface. But I'm
confused about what type of interface I need since they seem to be
categorized on the sites I've looked at as SATA (most) or ATA/IDE
others. (Maybe this gives it away.)
So, not to ask a stupid question (but if I don't ask how will I know)
will either of these do or am I limited to the ATA drives?
the inspiron 6000 laptop accepts 2.5" pata (also know as ide) type hard
drives that at 9.5mm tall (which is the standard these days).
the toshiba drives are fine but not the best value. the proteus series
is relatively old and i don't think they are made anymore. not sure how
large you are looking to go but i would recommend the follow as the best
bang for the buck and it is a very quiet and fast drive:
250gb for about $60. 7200rpm (your present drive is either 4200 or at
best 5400 rpm so this is quite a performance improvement
here is the service manual for your laptop which may be helpful in
instructing you on how to physically replace the drive.
further i would recommend that you purchase an external usb enclosure
for the drive to allow you to clone your existing drive to the new
before replacement and avoid having to reinstall and reconfigure
everything. later you can put the old 40gb drive into it the external
enclosure to use for additional storage or backup.
oops, i gave you a link to the wrong drive and failed to mention the
possible peril of going too large... the above is a 3.5" desktop
computer drive that will not fit in your inspiron 6000 laptop.
try this one...
$60 for a 120gb 5400rpm 2.5" pata - no compatibility issues
$90 for a 250gb 5400rpm 2.5" pata - possible compatibility issues, given
large capacity may require installation of utility software to recognize
full capacity of drive (i believe the inspiron 6000 has a 137gb drive
limitation that requires software to overcome).
or $50 for 80gb $72 for 160gb...
But, can someone please comment on the drive size limitation per above
(if present) and the need for (and maybe even where I could find) such
software. I'll try to find it myself too. I'd rather spend $90 for
250gb than $60 for 120gb.
you can read about it here
the bottom line is that this is not an issue with the 120gb drive but
may be an issue with the 250gb drive. if you are installing the os from
scratch on the new drive, and have windows xp sp2 or greater it is not a
big deal, but if you have an older version of windows or clone the old
drive to the new then you could have some issues making it work
correctly. western digital, and other drive manufactures, offer
downloadable software that assist you in installing the large drives and
overcomming this barrier.
Here's what I found out while hunting around:
The latest dell bios for the 6000, a09 (2005!) doesn't support large
drives. I think it's on Dell that they didn't release a new version.
They apparently added large drive support to bios updates for other
I also found an extended discussion of this issue at It
states exactly what you did.
We don't have the original disks, nor do I want to re-install the os.
I want to clone the drive. One poster said the manufacturers' software
to support large drives when the bios doesn't is often buggy. And so
they work until they don't. I have no idea whether this was or is
still true, but decided I don't want to mess with it all.
So, I'm going to go with the 120gb drive and assume by the time that
fills it will be time for a new computer.
I'm going to run into the same problem, I believe, with my inspiron
9300. The latest bios is a05, also 2005. I have 18gb of free space
without reinstalling the os (etc) from scratch, i think that is the best
way to go. this issue isn't the sort of thing that can be changed by a
bios update. it has to do with what the hardware can physically
address. the cloning of the current drive to the new can be done with
the utility software available for download from the drive manufactures
web site for the make of drive that you choose (westerndigital, seagate,
whoever). good luck.

The drive arrived but it looks like I need a ide->usb converter. The
external usb converter box that I have and was counting on is for sata

in one of my previous posts in this thread i suggested the appropriate external usb converter for the job. get that one.