Re: Which recordable DVD to buy for Inspiron 1545 laptop

RnR wrote:
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starved@xxxxxxxx wrote:
Hello all.

For a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop I want to create the System Recovery
Discs. The CD drive on this laptop is:
Dvd+/-Rw,8X,Serial Ata,Small Form Factor,Toshiba Samsung Storage

My question is *exactly* what kind of media do I buy? I've never
purchased recordable DVDs before. There are a multitude of different
formats; which one do I get?


It's enough to make your head spin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

- Dave
What format is WTF? I've never heard of WTF format before...oh wait, I get it now.


Dell recommends that you do /not/ use re-writable media. That takes out DVD+RW and DVD-RW.

I wasn't aware of this. I've used some for years tho not recently and
never had a problem. I wonder how long dell said this or why? That
said tho, there was a time where the re-writeable was worthy but I
doubt today with the pricing of the +R / -R discs. I don't burn
much now but when I do, I try to use virtual drives instead.

Incidentally to the OP, sometimes better to burn at the slower speeds
rather than the faster speed to avoid coasters. No way to say when
so try the faster speed if you want but if you get a coaster, then
step down in speed.

RnR makes a good point about burning at slower speeds. For this job especially, accuracy is more important than speed.