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Attention All:

Dell was the last of the major OEMs to furnish a genuine Windows
disc (albeit an OEM version) as well as a Resource DVD.

Not any more.

"Dell no longer provides the operating system or resource disks in the
box for Windows 7 Systems. It is important for you to create recovery
disks in case of a hard drive failure. If you do not create the
disks, there may be a charge from Dell for the operating system

Now I'll admit that "Dell DataSafe Local Backup 2.0" is an impressive
piece of work. But it's not a Windows disc.

And for those of you who are concerned about how this will affect my
recent order of a Studio XPS 8100...essentially, no one...I'm
negotiating with Dell. I placed my order just 8 days after this
was first published.


I've purchased three Dell laptops in the last three months from Best
Buy, including one about 10 days ago.

All came with full Windows CDs. Not sure about the link or what
machines they're talking about.

Best Buy can make its own arrangements with Dell.

You bought a computer from Best Buy?


What's wrong with buying computer gear from Best Buy, Staples, or even WalMart? If you get exactly what you want and the price is right, you buy it. For a while, I was buying Linksys WRT54G routers at Walmart for less than I would pay my distributor for one, and for less than anywhere else. Well over a year ago when prices were still pretty high, I bought a pair of 8GB Cruzer flash sticks for $25 apiece at Staples. Long ago, we entered the commodity age of computing for the most common items. Make sure you read the warranties first, both mfr and store... Ben Myers