Re: Clean Install = Warranty/Return Problems?

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Bob - you da man.

Yeah...I get that a lot. :)

I completely forgot about that. Just let me make sure I understand:

IIRC, Dell includes a utility to create a set of 'recovery CDs' that can reinstall the factory download, just as if I had invoked the restore partition (with CTRL+F11 or whatever the key combination is) -- is that correct?

The factory image can easily be restored (though with newer machines, you tap F8 while booting and choose restore) but that goes out the window if the harddriv goes.

Having the restore DVDs allows you to put a new hard drive in and boot from the restore DVD, and then of course, restoring the machine.

I always recommend that friends or clients create those disks but honestly with Windows 7, it's not quite as necessary since a clean install is so fast.

If that's correct, I can switch between the factory download and an image of my current configuration at any time. Hannah Montana was right: You get the best of both worlds.

Um, yeah...okay! :)