Re: How get longer power on Mini 9?

the asus eee not only is available with either a 3 cell or 6 cell, it has
better battery life than just about anything else...
you can see it in person at bestbuy, but aparently bestbuy only sell the 3
cell battery editions...
check out newegg for great prices on the 10" asus epc1000 series with rated
9.5 hour battery life. ymmv but as far as i know there is not another
'real' laptop that lasts longer on battery than this model. there are also
asus epc900 available with about 7 hour battery life...

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Ron Hardin typed on Wed, 29 Apr 2009 10:37:18 -0400:
Buy another Mini-9 and use its battery too.

That is what I did with my five EeePC. Although I have 6 batteries, one
is a 6 hour battery and the other five are 3 hour batteries. Total
running time is 21 hours.

Id rather get a bigger battery that once
I charge it can go almost all day

I don't think I can get a bigger battery
that will FIT the Mini 9...... true?

If true..... I may just sell the Mini 9
and upgrade to another netbook model
that DOES have bigger battery option.