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I am writing from France (though in English, hopefully).
I recently had to reinstall my laptop (Dell Inspiron). Before that, I
of problems with saving data onto USB keys, as the system required up to
minutes to copy some 600 favorites. It was just as slow when it came to
files from the same.
After my hard disk failed I reinstalled the whole thing--accessing
at last. Unfortunately, with the machine being updated and all, I am
experiencing just the same problems with USB ports.
I asked on French forums, but no-one seems to encounter the same issue.
Therefore, I have two sets of questions:
-> 1. are there really very few people who are faced with hyper-slow
-> 2. would anybody know why some of us have to face this?
-> 3. when Vista first came out, my Windows Mails was desperately slow,
someone sent me a reg file (found on some American forum) which, though
seemed to quite know why and how, made Windows Mail a usable program at
would there be such a "patch" to speed up the USB?

If I can't use USB ports, then I'd like to use DVDs, but I am still
looking for
a good program, one that can erase a file from the DVD after noticing it
from the hard disk.
-> 4. would anynone know of such a program?
I am using Nero (on another machine with XP SP3), but it seems to
each time I save a directory onto a dedicated DVD, I find that the
to use up more and more space, though the saved file(s) is listed only
once, so
that after a few times the DVD is full with just the same saved file,
said file is of course not 4,7Gb; then I have to erase the DVD and do it
over again.
-> 5. would anyone know why Nero does that, and how I could change it? I
seem to find any parameters that I could alter.

...Well, thanks for reading, thanks in advance for helping if you can.

Can't be much help with the USB problem...however...a big note of caution
concerning CD and DVD RW. Eraseable/Rewriteable CD's and DVD's are very
unreliable. After being used a number of times they can and WILL fail and
your data will be lost. REgular CD and DVD's now cost only pennies a piece
and data can be added to them until they are full. If you value your data
then open session DVD's are the way to go.
As far as your USB problem...have you tried contacting Dell Support?

Good suggestion if used with caution. Multi-sessions are problematic
for some so the OP should test it first on some NON-important files.
As I recall some negatives were that it slowed the pc down and
couldn't always be read elsewhere. I'm not sure the latter has to do
with hardware or different burn software. Some problems are fixed by
remembering to close the session first before removing the dvd.

Closing the session means that no more data can be written to the CD/DVD,
however your data will be much safer than using RW discs. I have 3 desktops
and 2 laptops and so far...knock on open session disc can be read
or written to by all the machines. I am using the same burning software on
all of them though. My main method of backup is to ext hard drives, but I
use DVD's as a backup to the backup. It may seem like overkill, but I lost a
bunch of data a few years ago using just CD/DVD-RW's