Re: New XP install on Vostro 1000

This is what you need Dean

Jay B wrote:
those are both controlled by the dell utility quickset
relatively useless.
just allows you to see the screen interpretation of the settings. the
blue fn key still controls them just fine.
i suppose you can download that from the dell website. wrote:
Hello. I recently reinstalled XP on my Vostro laptop when I ordered
Vista (I know, it was an option to order XP. Accidents happen)

My girlfriend ordered the same laptop and on her factory
installation, she has a bunch of extra things when using that
laptop. It must be some driver I don't have installed, but I thought
I got every single one that I needed from the website.

The features I'm talking about are things like, she can see a little
brightness tab whenever she adjusts the brightness and things like
that. I also don't have a battery indicator, so I don't know what
driver I missed

If anybody can help me, please reply!