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Hmmm, it doesn't matter which way Microsoft dress it up.

Comments like "The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, a member
of Microsoft's Vista Technical Adoption Program, started evaluating
Vista in January 2006. Today, only 300 of the hospital's 30,000
desktop computers run the software" tell me that something isn't
right. 300 out of 30,000 is 1%.

I speak from experience; my video capture card in my Dimension 9200
won't work because of the absence of suitable drivers which means my
CCTV setup here is disabled; not an option in this neighbourhood, so
I've stuck with XP.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not thrilled with Vista, but why is the lack of
drivers for your card Microsoft's problem? Call out the vendor of the
card! They've know Vista was coming for years.

I agree that the article is incredibly biased, and that vendors have
known about Vista for a long time and it's more their fault if there
aren't Vista drivers.

I'm happy to say that there is only one hardware device and one
software program that I use that doesn't work under Vista for me --
and I have a lot of hardware and software.

The hardware that doesn't work is my HP Jornada 728 Handheld PC
because Microsoft changed from Active Sync to something else for
Vista. The software is Franklin Covey's Plan Plus for Windows.

I don't know why, but on my Inspiron 640m w Core 2 Duo 4M cache, 2G
RAM, 7200rpm hard drive, Vista runs significantly faster. Several
weeks ago I was going to go back to XP on my laptop but I stayed with
Vista due to its speed advantage.

Microsoft (and I hate Microsoft) has exceeded my expectations with