Re: OT: getting on a wifi hotspot in a library

On Fri, 06 Jul 2007 01:35:26 GMT, Ron Hardin <rhhardin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I had no luck with the local library wifi either. The librarian
was friendly but not able to figure it out either. I suspect
just some overload of the library system's system.

The Starbucks down the street had pay wifi (TMobile) which offered
$6.99 for an hour, which was all the battery I suspected I had
anyway, so I took that. Worked okay for about 5 minutes of downloading
some KFI radio programs and then hung. I logged in again (should have
taken the $9.99 24 hour pass), same thing. I logged in a third time
and got the same thing.

To my surprise TMobile only charged me for the one login.

But anyway my experience with fast wifi so far is not good. Back to
at-home dialup, and just do it at night. WGET is useful for this,
fetching stuff without you being there to click it all the time.

The local lunch counter offers free wifi, but it's DSL and not a very
fast one. That one seems to work though.

Thanks Ron. Yeah I figure maybe some kind of incompatibility
especially since this library is a busy one and seems to have a lot of
college age or older people in it and many were using the library
desktops but not one was using a laptop so I'm thinking they knew
something I didn't. In reflecting back today, I think it is strange
it was so busy and I didn't see one laptop being used (besides mine).

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