Re: Help me choose

Other people have said they don't know which wireless to choose. I do. Spend
a few bucks more and get the Intel 3945. Intel's 802.11a/b/g wifi cards for
notebooks provide excellent range and reception, and the Intel software for them
is really really well designed and implemented.

After once choosing a high quality supplier (Proxim) for its PCMCIA notebook
wifi cards, Dell has gravitated downward to selling cheap stuff under its own
brand name. Not a smart move, Michael.

If you should ever want to join the rampaging herd who are experiencing the WOW
of Vista, as well as the WOW of any future Windows releases or the GEE WHIZ of
Linux, you want the Intel cards. Intel has a good history of carrying forward
driver support for its hardware to new operating system releases.

I'm not an Intel shill. I just know quality when I see it, as I do every day.
Well, that includes poor quality, too... Ben Myers

On Thu, 26 Apr 2007 15:54:57 -0500, "kathe" <nospammer2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I want to get a new laptop but am not sure about some of Dell's choices The
laptop would primarily be used when we traveled. I do not see it replacing
either of the desktops.

I currently have two XP desktops with wireless connection via router. They
are not networked but could be. Each has its own printer. They are used to
surf the internet, Excel, Word, card games. graphics (ie digital camera)

I am thinking that I would rather stay with the XP OS because I would know
my printers, scanner, router, etc would work. If I wanted to upgrade to
vista later I could.

My questions considering the above:

1) Would the ultra sharp wide screen or the xga ultra with true life be a
better choice?

2) Would the 7200 rpm sata HD or the 5400 sata be the best choice?

3) Which graphic card?
Intel graphic media accat 950
256 ATI
256 NVIDIA ge force 7300

4) Wireless - dell 1390 802.11 b/g card
- Intel pro wireless 3945 internal wireless

5) 9 cell battery vs 6 cell

Thank you for you help