Re: SATA II Hard Drive Preference?

"Boris" <boris-badenough@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
This is for an E510. I used to prefer Seagate, but my latest
purchases have been Westerns, and they have been very dependable and

Is there a strong preference between these? Both are 250GB, 16MB
cache, factory sealed OEM. I realize I'll have to get a right angled
SATA cable. Proper power connector is provided by the E510.

Western - 3 year warranty - $75

Seagate - 5 year warranty - $82

Many thanks.

I've had good luck with the WD's, but have been buying Seagates lately.
No empirical data to support that conclusion, just a gut feel.
With hard drives it is not a matter of "IF" they fail, its "WHEN".
Failure is not as predictable as batteries in a flashlight though.



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