Re: Wireless PCI or USB for desktop

ahall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

: Getting a new desktop, putting it in a room that is hard to
: run a cable to, so want to add it to my wireless network.

: Any preferred solution? I see a number of USB based devices,
: as well as PCI at newegg.

If your will be kind of on the borderline in regards to range from the
router, I would definitely go with the PCI card, because most of the
time you can bolt on your own antenna, something you cannot do with
the USB cards. I have done this with a PCI card and noticed an
improvement in reception. Some of the antennas even have a wire
attached so you could put the antenna up on the desk, for example, if
the desktop computer is on the floor.

I myself have used both brand and off-brand equipment and haven't seen
much difference in actual performance. My whole home network and web
server is running of off a no-name wireless router I got at CompUSA
for $2.99 after rebate, and it works flawlessly, both as a switch and
a wireless access point. You'll find that, inside, these components
all use the same chipsets anyway. The big benefit of the brand name
components is support and ease of setup in my experience.

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