Re: Is 14.1" laptop to big for portability?

ugh... my opening line has a typo... should read....
first of all, be aware that there are 14.1" and 12.1" screen sizes in both
traditional 'square' format and wide perspective format.

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first of all, be aware that there are 14.1" and 12.1" screen sizes in both
traditional 'square' format for wide perspective.
the 14.1" square represent the best value and area very verstile and
useable machine. minimum compromises on screen and keyboard layout versus
a desktop. reasonable performance too. and some models are quite
lightweight. the 14.1" wide perspective add lots of weight and in my
opinion the screen shape doesn't help you with much other than watching
movies that are in letterbox format. sure they do allow you to keep the
word help file open while word processing but that help and visual
pollution i don't need, and the wide perspective means that i am seeing
less height of my document than i would in a square screen of the same
measurement (unless you adjusted resolution or screen font size or word
processing magnification size in some way). the 12.1" machine have these
same comparative issues. the 12.1" wide perspective are pretty small
height wise to be considered great for daily use. but it's very small
size makes it great traveler and companion to a desktop used while in the
office/home. the lattitude d410 is the square screen 12.1" model and in
my opinion a useable everyday machine. but you have to be willing to
accept the screen size, small keyboard, inconvenience of not having a cd
drive with you, the relatively lower performance, and the added expense of
these small machine versus their bigger brothers.

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I suppose the 12.1" would be fine if you plan to work almost exclusively
from a network or the units hard disk, and if you have small hands or
someone who requires a very, very light system.

I prefer 14.1" by miles.

Ok thanks

It seems as tho the ultra portables in 12" size are
NEVER on sale!

Whereas the bigger units..... 14" and on up are on sale
a lot

Any reason why the ultra portables are never discounted